Renewal and looking inside your window

Yesterday I opened the blinds to look out of my wonderful window and took a moment to be thankful for the weekend view.  So many times we are so very hurried during the week that the view is always just passing us by, quick glimpses of those that we encounter and the view of others running the same race with no real destination beyond survival.

Then comes the time we are supposed to stop and spend time at home, looking inward instead of outside the window. Talking to our family and trying to forget those terrible things we may have encountered during the week.  Recovery. Solitude. Peace. And with a little luck, renewal.


I look at the lives that my children have and compare them to those who I encounter every day, those who have been the victim of some horrific act or another and those who would victimize others in one horrific way or another.  Some of them are as old as my children in years, but in life experience they are worlds apart.  Many have not felt the warmth of a parents embrace, heard the reassuring voice of a supportive parent or felt the deep sense of belonging that a family can provide.

Some are destined to walk alone and may never feel nor provide another with those feelings. How can we ever teach them to be good parents and to avoid the mistakes that they may have encountered? How can we shed light on what they should feel and who they should become as parents? How do we break through a wall that emotional neglect has created?

But it is the weekend and I close my eyes to stop those thoughts.  I concentrate on a picture next to my desk and remind myself that these are the ones who I can impact, that while I cannot save everyone, I can make life better for these kids.  I can make sure that each and every day I reassure them and hold them lovingly. I can remind them that they are special and they have something important to bring to the world.

Monday will come again and I will do my best to help those strangers who are in pain that I encounter.  And I will remind myself of the joy that I have looking inside my windows as I come home at night and see what my life is truly about.  While I spend so much time staring and wondering about the view from inside, it is nice once in a while to stand outside and look in.  The real joy is to see those who are looking back out at you.

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