Spring and finding our wings

Today’s view from the window shows some signs of new life as spring is finally showing itself. The flowers are growing and the blossoms on the apple and pear trees have finally come out from their hidden cocoons.  Birds seem to sing that much louder and the sunshine seems that much brighter.  While the past few weeks have been hard, spring is a great reminder that there is something good in the wind.

Sometimes life mimics nature so very much that we can certainly learn more from Mother Nature’s story. This is especially true when looking at the way we poor human beings must think.  Sometimes we too find ourselves nestled away in a cocoon hiding from those harsh winters, a world where when the wind blows our egos and our minds may take a beating at the hands of the frightful winter.

I think of the abuse that I see every day, the children who are told that they are nothing, that they don’t deserve to live and how they are made to feel.  How can we ever expect them to spread their wings as beautiful butterflies if we do our very best to tell them that they are only worthy of being an unsightly caterpillar?

These children still smile, they can still laugh and they can still become what they were meant to be, as long as someone tells them that they belong, that they are destined for a beautiful life on wings and in the wind.  Someone still has to believe in them and smile at them and make them warm and welcome.butterfly and child

When I walk down the halls, I look not at the ones who readily smile at me but for the ones who try to hide. The ones who do their very best to blend into the walls and not attract attention. The ones who are afraid of everyone and everything.  Those are the ones that I see through the window today. These are my little angels and it is these wonderful people who I dedicate who I am every day to protecting.  I will never stop smiling at them, telling them that they have something special and reminding them that I believe in them.

I will see them not for who they are, but for who they could be. I will share with them my thoughts not about where they sit today but where they will stand someday. Like a fortune-teller who carefully hides their secret, my crystal ball shows only that I believe that they can be whatever it is that their heart desires and so much more.  My looking-glass is a mirror into their soul and it can only show the brightest light that shines within all of them.

Sometimes the hardest part of trying to be a beacon and guiding light for those in need is that you have to withstand the perilous pounding of the dangerous seas. It is never easy but it is always worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Spring and finding our wings

  1. This is lovely. Yes, what these kids need is indeed someone who will see them not for who they are right now, but for who they have the potential to become. It is obvious they do not have many in their lives that see them in this light. But it is these ones…these role models like you who believe in them…who end up giving them hope in a dark place and the courage to grow into who they were meant to be.

    Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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