Putting Real “Thanks” in thank you!

The two most important phrases in the English language are “I am sorry” and “Thank You.” But count how many times you use them without being told or being reminded or you simply say it without meaning it?  Today my thoughts as I look out the window are on those two incredible phrases which can literally change who we are and how we think of ourselves!

Saying I am sorry to end an argument is not truly saying you are sorry.  Saying you are sorry and immediately following it with the word “but” is not saying you are sorry.  Saying that you are sorry but not meaning you are sorry is NOT being sorry!

Yet being truly Sorry, telling the person that you hurt that you are sorry with compassion and meaning is the most incredible phrase. It is the beginning of healing whatever pain and divide was created.  What a powerful concept. Words that can actually begin to heal the soul!

Then there is Thank You.  We use it every day without really using the words. Like I am sorry, we say them almost as a simple acknowledgement with no emotion or true feeling of thankfulness.  When God called on us to give Thanks, was he really only talking about when someone passes you the vegetables at the dinner table?  Is that what thankfulness truly is?  Couldn’t it be something so much greater?

Window with heart

A few months ago I met a single father who had to come to school because his son, a difficult fourth grade kid, had made some poor choices.  This is not unusual and we try to work with parents to find ways to meet their kids where they are and get them moving in the right direction.  Our meeting lasted about a half an hour and to his credit we have not seen his son in trouble since.

Today as I waited for some coffee in line at the convenience store the man came up and tapped my shoulder. I thought that I recognized him but wasn’t quite sure. He smiled and could easily tell that I had no recollection of him so, as parents usually do, he reminded me that he was this child’s father. I recalled it and asked how his child was doing? He said doing great, they got him help and was doing well at home and school.  I smiled and said that it is great that things got better.  He looked at me and said “thank you” for your help.  I simply nodded and said “anytime” then made my way out of the store. I was halfway to my car to finish the trip into work when an arm caught my shoulder from behind.

I turned and it was this father.  He looked at me and said, “You don’t understand, I really want to Thank You for helping me with my son.”  I was taken back.  He was right, I didn’t understand the difference between thank you and Thank You.  Two different meanings and guess what? The second Thank You made all the difference in the start of my day.  He truly appreciated the help.  It was the Thank You that can change who we are.

So today as you look through your window. Think about who we need to truly say I Am Sorry to?  Think about who you need to say Thank You to and how that may change them as well as change you?

If you came upon my words today and they helped change the way you think and how you react to people, then Thank You for reading!

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