Welcome to my room!


So if you happened to have stumbled upon my humble blog, you may be asking yourself, “So what are my thoughts from the window?” Which is a great question, thanks for asking it!  First these are just my thoughts and views. Not really any guest views although feel free to throw yours out there anytime you would like.  Now for the view. (My view not The View television show which has just gone downhill in the past few years.)

So I wanted a place to write about the things that I see when I look around our world.  There are two kinds of folks in the world, those who live life in their own little room with the curtains drawn and just focused on their own experience day to day.  Others open the windows and actually look to see what life wants to show. How do people live, work even how do they play?

Being a writer is sometimes like being a closet voyeur. You look at people differently and try to figure out what their life experience is like.  I have fun sometimes sitting in restaurants with my family and looking at couples at other tables to begin making up stories about what those people do and what they are experiencing right now.  My kids laugh because I create some pretty outlandish tales but that is the fun of it.

So what about me? Well I am a professional by day and a writer by night (and several times a day when the bosses are not looking!)  I hope you enjoy the trip through my head.  I hope the journey is entertaining and fun and challenges you to throw open the curtains and really look around at life.  It is meant to be lived and enjoyed so take in every part of everyday!

Again, welcome to the blog and I hope you have fun.Not just here but everywhere that your life brings you!

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